Welcome to BoomBaxer,

Where the Mightiest Contenders survive. Here, you create a Loyal Legion for thyselves, to Gratify your achievements and to Scorn over your victims.
Not a haven for those who wish to display their everyday mundane lives.

We have been working from the Underground, creating an opportunity for you to make your mark. But be wary, a Legion will only follow those with a strong will and ones that can hold their consistent victories on the battle grounds. Stay vigilant of daring challengers lurking in the shadows, here, a single wrong move on your part could cost you everything.

Showcase your dominance and your legion will follow your example. Rule the battle grounds and take on every challenge to prove your right to stay.

Our PeaceKeepers of BoomBaxer Corps will light a path for your thoughts when needed. Keep an eye out for imposters and thieves scheming to steal your glory to gain their own legion. They will be dealt with justly once notified to the PeaceKeepers.

Let the world see your light.

BoomBaxer Corps